The Westcott and Hort resource center.

This site is a very ambitious defense of Westcott and Hort and also contains accusations against certain outspoken brethren (though there is not a single quote from them in the section “Case Studies in Slander and Libel”!!! NOT A SINGLE WORD!), it is mostly under construction, and I strongly suspect it will never even approach completion as I cannot fathom anyone pursuing the defense of modern translations being able to continue very long in the face of the truth. Still, it does prove that some quotes by Westcott and Hort circulating in KJB only circles were truncated, altered, taken out of context, and are very misleading. O, would that all the saints were sinless! (hehe)  And in defense of the creator of this site, he does say he can provide all the missing info via email, or in a discussion group.

After reading some of the questionable quotes in context, however, I am puzzled that anyone would feel the need to fabricate anything against these men as any discerning Christian will, I trust, recognize the more damnable spirits of pride and criticism (and ecumenism) which flow abundantly and freely throughout their correspondences. Also, being the crux of the matter, which man has no part in anyway unless it is in corruption, the matter of great disparity between the dual sources of Greek and Hebrew manuscripts used for the KJB and modern versions, and their easily tested veracity in the face of God’s promise to preserve His word as well as deliver it to gentiles in their own tongues, is not addressed at all. In the end, no matter what man says what thing about anything, God’s word as translated in the KJB remains beyond reproach. That is, at least, my abiding conviction.

Be good Bereans!