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The devil does not want the common people to have a final authority (KJB) and when they do, casts doubt on it with corrupt translations.

The Answer Book by Samuel C. Gipp (Read online)
The reason for this book is two-fold. First, it was written to answer the raft of questions used by critics of the King James Bible to attack and destroy the faith of anyone who really BELIEVES that the Bible is infallible. The style is such that its arguments can be understood and advanced by one who has NOT had the benefit (or curse) of a Bible college education. This brings us to the second reason for its existence. Some time ago a leader of a large fundamental movement made the statement, “What really fires me is… these guys with a High School education debating textual criticism.”

That is the second purpose of this book. For years those faithful folk who have not been to college have been bullied around for their lack of formal education by an arm load of D.D.’s who seek to keep them “in the dark.” Many of these people have done more serious study of the Bible issue in the privacy of their homes than the honorarily doctored critics have in college classrooms. Yet the common man is often intimidated by the “trick” questions asked by his “educated” foe. The critic feels invincible in his armor of education.

This book is written so that the ordinary Christian will be properly equipped to defend him or herself from the fiery darts of their pompous foes. In fact, they may even punch a few holes in their armor.

An Understandable History of the Bible by Samuel C. Gipp (Read online)

Where is the Bible? How did we get it? These questions, though simple, have baffled the mind of man for years. Even Christians today wonder if they really have the Word of God. Most Christians are interested in how the Bible came to us through history.

Many authors, in an attempt to explain how we got our Bible, have clouded the issue in the gray language of the scholar’s union, causing more puzzled looks than answered questions.

You will find that this book is, as its name implies, An Understandable History of the Bible. For seven years it has been “field tested” in the hands of the common man. From steel worker to Greek scholar, from housewife to missionary, all have been im- pressed by its easily understood style.

You, dear reader, may find the answer to many of the questions you have about the word of God. You will certainly find it educational. After all, it was written for you.

Samuel C. Gipp, Th.D

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